17 May 2004

My first rubber

So here's the story of my first-ever latex purchase.

Even though I would consider myself a fetishist since a young age, until I was I guess 22, I had never had the opportunity or the guts to do much about it. Even at a relatively young age I liked to purchase lycra bike shorts or tight swim suits, but rubber or latex was sort of the unreachable goal. I was afraid to have something mail ordered because I always had roommates while in college, etc.

So finally during a vacation, I found myself in Amsterdam on my own. Something about being in a foreign country with such a liberal atmosphere must have worn down my inhibitions, because I finally had the guts to go into a shop I noticed while wandering the "Red light" district area, which was a "Demask" store. To be totally honest, I actually walked past the door of the store maybe three or four times before I worked up the courage to go inside. I can't really explain it, but it was oddly frightening, even though it was a well lit store in the middle of the day, not exactly a risky proposition.

Once inside, I felt an immediate flush, a combination of excitement, being surrounded by rows and rows of these erotic, taboo, garments, and also the self-consciousness of being a street-clothed, wimpy American student who looked very out of place. I felt like I was on auto-pilot, just wandering the store a bit, browsing and trying to look "normal", whatever that meant. I finally I settled down a bit, and found my way downstairs to where the men's clothing was.

I had no idea what to buy, it was all equally enticing. I finally settled on a pair of latex jeans, pretty tick-gauge, jeans-style, and a plain long-sleeved, thin shirt. I figured the two together would be like a poor-man's catsuit. I've always been more excited by the notion of a single seamless sort of garment with full body coverage, but I was also on a bit of a budget and at this point, anything seemed pretty daring. I sheepishly brought the items back up to the cashier, a very beautiful, young sales girl, presumably dutch. I was terrified to the point of incoherence at the thought of being judged by this person for being weird or creepy, but I was past the point of no return and, to my relief, she was incredibly nice. She asked if I wanted to try something on and I just about lost it; politely declined.

After 'escaping' the store, I wanted nothing more than to get back to my hotel to try on my new outfit in front of a mirror. I knew I had to get some sort of talc or lubricant first to put it on, so I wandered around until I found a pharmacy. After an infuriating 15 minute search for "talc" in a languge I didn't speak a word of, I finally found some baby powder and headed back to my hotel.

It was quite exciting, wearing rubber for the first time ever. One thing that I like about rubber fetishism is that it doesn't really lose its appeal over time, its nearly as exciting each time I "suit up" as it was the first time. I say nearly, but probably not entirely. I was a little disappointed that the latex jeans I bought were a bit more of a loose-fit around the ankles, I probably would have enjoyed more of a "tights" sort of fit. The shirt was great and very form-fitting. Both were basic-black, of course. I didn't have the courage to do much else besides admire myself in private. I was tempted to wear one of the items out into the city, and in retrospect, what better place to do it, but I simply didn't have the confidence to leave the privacy of the hotel, even in Amsterdam.

I still have both items, although they are no longer my favorite garments, they have a sentimental attachment, I suppose.


Blogger sh11ny said...

Excellent story. I'll never forget the first time went into a 'rubber' store. It was pretty freaky, like being stoned or something. The sight of all that rubber, but more than that was the smell. It took me a couple of times before I was calm enough to buy anything:)

I visited Demask last year and to be honest was a little disappointed by their store. After seeing their amazing catalogues I was expecting a bit more.

8:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow excellent story indeed, Beleive it or not , I am only 15 and at the very young age I am at now, I to have a extreme fetish of latex rubber....I live in Ohio, and really there aren't any rubber clothing stores around , let alone in the state. Yet to substitute the feeling and urge, I just go to an athletic clothing store and buy spandex shorts or sort of say....I would hate though to have to order a catalogue from a shop and then have my parents see it..I would just die! I have all ready looked on the internet for latex clothing exspecially catsuits that cover the entire body, but costing over $400...Way too expensive. I really don't want to give away my identity because I really don't know you. But it blows my mind finding some one exactly like me. If you could for me though, please list on your page, online clothing stores other than cocoon1...thankyou for making this page. I wrote this at 2:43Pm on August 4th 2004.. Yes I am a guy, not a girl...My name is Brian and I shall not give you my last name due to the fact that I do not want to give away my identity...Thank you very much and for once, the weather today is beautiful pure blue and aqua skys with light winds....very nice. I hope that you will find someone, because I read that you were single. May god bless for years to come.............................

11:50 AM  

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