05 August 2004

Catsuit from Libidex

Going out of order a bit, I wanted to write up some impressions of the latest bit of gear to arrive on my doorstep, a brand new Libidex custom fix catsuit.

Ever since getting on the 'net, I've read about how Libidex supposedly makes the best-fitting suits. Finally I decided to give them a try, despite the high cost and longish delivery times.

I wanted to take what I had learned from my previous purchases to get something that would be fun and useful for everyday play. I also wanted to try a color that I had seen in several pics that really seemed appealing, Pearlsheen Pewter, which is a mixture of silver and a dark grey color. Not unlike the color that's really popular in cars lately.

I decided to go back to the "shoulder-zip" entry that I had on my first suit, since it was so easy to use and kept the rest of the suit zipper-free. In terms of "extras", I decided to opt for attached feet and a cock sheath, but no gloves or hood. The price was already quite high, with the bad dollar exchange rates, so I was somewhat constrained by price when adding options to the suit.

As I said, Libidex has a reputation for building very well-fitting suits, so to take advantage of that, I paid the extra 20% for the made-to-measure service. After taking the measurements (a fun ritual when ordering rubberwear, I'm sure you'll agree), I placed the order and the wait began.

After a quick confirmation email, I didn't get much more communication from them. Often when ordering a custom suit there ends up being an email or two to clarify stuff, but in this case nothing more. I was a bit worried about this, thinking maybe the order got lost or something, but then in only about 3.5 weeks, I got a package in the mail from Royal Post!

As usual, the time between receiving a new bit of gear and running into the house to open it could be measured in milliseconds. I took it out of the nicely-packaged envelope and started to unfold the suit - it was intoxicating. The color was exactly what I had hoped, a good cross between basic-black and a really exciting, glittery pearlsheen silver. Its a color I am definitely happy with.

Even though Libidex doesn't really allow ordering by material thickness like Cocoon, there was a checkbox or selection on the custom-order form for "thick" material. I checked that, even though I'm not sure how thick they even MAKE pearlsheen colors. When I got the suit, I'd say it feels thicker than my previous pearl blue suit from Cocoon, but not quite as thick as my first Mr. S suit. All in all, I felt it was a good thickness and feel. It didn't have that 'baloon' latex feel which I disliked from my last Pearlsheen suit. I suspect it is one notch up in thickness, but I have no good way to measure.

The cock sheath on the Libidex was superb. The cost of this add-on is, I must say, borderline exortion. But when seeing the finished product, I can understand somewhat why it costs more than most makers. Rather than attaching a molded sheath to the suit like Cocooon did, Libidex actually cut and glued many small pieces of latex, of the same thickness and color of the suit, to make a real sheath that is more a part of the suit than a traditional add-on. Its quite an impressive bit of engineering on their part. Their sheath design also has quite a bit of separation between the part intended for the balls and the cock. At first I thought this would be a problem, compared to the molded sheatths I had tried in the past, but in practice it works and fits (and looks) great. Their shaped/glued design even includes extra space for the head of the penis. One of a kind. I wonder since they seem to make them by hand if they could customize the length? It wasn't one of the requested measurements, but its worth a shot...

The rest of the suit was equally well-constructed. The main body of the suit seems to be made up of many more smaller glued panels than most similar suits. My Mr. S suit has some glued seams around the waistline, for example, and another suit I own has literally no horizontal seams from neckline to the ankle. The Libidex suit however has glued seams just below the chest level, at the waist, and so on. These don't detract from the design of the suit, since glued latex seams are really unnoticable for the most part, but I assume these extra panels allow them to shape the suit more accurately to the body which gives the suit the accurate fit for which they are known. This stands out as the biggest difference I saw between the design of this suit and similar ones.

Another nice surprise, I didn't specify anything special for the suit beyound shoulder zips and the sheath up front, and pretty much assumed that was all it would include. So it was a nice surprise to see that they added a small zip for the butt area at no extra cost. That gives the suit a little extra versatility for play.

I had to wait a few hours before I could have enough time to try it on, but the fit was great. The first time I donned the suit, I had a bit of a problem getting the air pushed out of the feet as I put my legs down. One downside of the tight/accurate fit is that its harder to release trapped air. I actually ended up cutting a tiny hole on the toes to allow air to escape for this reason. The rest of the suit fit perfectly. I had no problem with the torso length or sagging in the butt area, it all felt exactly right. The sheath design kept everything in well without popping out (or would that be popping in?). The shoulder zips worked great, very smooth, all the zips were protected by extra flaps of latex, and so on. It had a nice high collar-line for matching with a hood. The feet were nicely tailored.

The feel and fit of the suit were so great, immediately after taking it off after an hour or so, I wanted to put it back on again!

The total cost was high, over $700 when finally shipped, so I can't recommend it for everyone, there are definitely cheaper ways to get a good-fitting suit out there.

For more info: www.libidex.com


Anonymous Anonymous said...

700 US dollars? That sounds a little excessive when their basic "matrix" style catsuit is 220 pounds. How did the price increase so drastically?


12:42 PM  
Anonymous calirubber said...

Great write ups for the catsuits, thanks, it's very helpful. I would love to see a picture of the Libidex cock sheath, it sounds cool.

2:00 PM  
Anonymous Matt said...

I just ordered a custom fit Princess catsuit for my girlfriend. It's great to see a review that backs their quality assurances. :)

I'll drop a line to say how it works out when it arrives in a few weeks.


10:41 PM  
Blogger Don said...

I do drag , I ordered the matrix cat suit . and had just one request to make neck 16 in.it arrived three weeks later for about 399 dollars .I purchased it during their summer sale 30 off what a deal. this sale happens every year when their buss slows down .I used it to be cat woman for Halloween, everyone in the club went nuts when I walked in .soo sexy with zippered croch.

5:04 PM  
Anonymous Mal said...

how did U zip the shouler zips youdelf. I am having trouble.
Any tricks?

12:57 PM  

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