02 March 2006

Sports Gear #2 - Wetsuits!

Ok, so luge suits are hot, but pretty rare. And unless you live in the Swiss Alps, you're not likely to see them in public.

But wetsuits, on the other hand... All you need to do is pick up a surf board or a mask & fins and a wetsuit is completely socially acceptable. Even moreso than a Speedo or something here in the U.S. Of all the fetish gear I own, my wetsuits are the one thing that I can store in my closet and not worry about who might poke around and find them. That's part of their appeal.

For fetishists, not all wetsuits are created equal. For me, at least, what makes a wetsuit appealing is the use of a "smoothskin" surface on as much of the suit as possible. The shiny, glossy surface of the smoothskin neoprene has a lot of the same tactile properties of latex rubber suits, but the inside neoprene surface makes the suit much easier to wear, and makes the suit significantly more durable, and less of a hassle to clean and maintain.

So which are the kinkiest wetsuits on the market? By far the most common fetishist wetsuits are Triathalon suits, such as those manufactured and sold by the company Quintana Roo. These suits are sold at both triathalon stores as well as at hard-core fetish shops like Mr. S. These suits are generally entirely smoothskin neoprene and use vivid colors including silver and blue as well as the standard black. These suits are also made from a higher-grade of neoprene than a typical surf or diving suit, which means the material stretches further and therefore can be cut tighter, resulting in a very close, glove-like fit.

I also like the fact that QR suits sometime mix neoprene of different textures. In the suit pictured above, areas around the shoulder and elbow are made from a textured "ribbed" neoprene that allows more flexibility in the joint areas, but also adds to the novelty and uniqueness of the suit.

And again, as with other sports gear, the fact that the suits contain multiple colors and logos adds to their appeal. Whether its the superhero fetish aspect or just the fact that it is distinctly sports-related, I'm not sure, but I would prefer a suit with some logos to a suit that was un-labelled.

Another hot wetsuit maker, and a closer runner-up for me, is the Orca series of suits. Orca suits are also designed as Triathalon gear, but their color scheme tends toward more of a solid black look. I like their logos and the use extremely stretchy neoprene. I also like the fact that their color scheme and logos sort of resemble a killer whale, with high constrast white markings on a smooth black shiny surface.

Both the Orca and QR suits are pretty widely available. They are more expensive than the average wetsuit ($250 or higher) because they are designed for triathalon swims rather than for surfing.

All wetsuits have some inherent downsides for fetish play, however. The neoprene is designed primarily to insulate the wearer from cold water, and therefore will lead to rapid overheating when used out of the water. These tri suits are a bit thinner than deep-diving wetsuits, so the overheating problem isn't as severe, but still after wearing a wetsuit for fetish play for a while, you will work up quite a good sweat. Some people like this, of course! I find it a bit uncomfortable so I tend to find an excuse to get out of the wetsuit pretty quickly.

The other big downside is that, unlike custom-made latex suits, you're not likely to find a wetsuit with a crotch zip for "play" access. Some fetishists or fetish vendors remedy this problem by cutting a custom access hole in a strategic place on the suit. This is also something pretty easily done by the buyer at home. Because neoprene is stretchy, all you'd really need to do is cut a slit in the proper place in the suit and stretch the opening a bit to push through the naughty bits, and the neoprene will nicely accomodate this, and even act as a bit of a cock-ring in the process.

There are other more extreme wetsuit modifications out there for the hard-core fan. Rubberknite is well known within the fetish community for making customized versions of wetsuits that include attached hoods, feet, cock sheaths, and other modifications for men. I don't own one of these, but I find them very hot. His older suits were made from a somewhat more obscure brand of triathalon suit called X-Isle, but it seems he is now making non-logo suits. I sort of liked the older suits which, because they were cut & constructed from more than one suit, had logos placed at odd angles on the wearer's hood. I'd certainly like to try one out, they seem very pervy.

So QR and Orca are the most popular, but there are a few other vendors worth exploring. Camaro wetsuits, a company from Austria, makes a wide range of wetsuits, ranging from the incredibly tame to the pretty exotic. If you can find them, they tend to be much lower priced than triathalon suits, but the materials are not quite as high-end or exotic. But they do make a number of mostly smooth-skin wetsuits that have definite fetish appeal. Check out ebay.com or ebay.de for bargains. It helps to speak a bit of German to find the best items out there from the Camaro line, they are not well represented in the US market.

I find that more men than women are turned on by wetsuit play, like many other aspects of rubber fetishism. Therefore you see a lot more gear, pictures, stories, etc. with male-male orientation. There are plenty of men who enjoy viewing pictures of women in tight and smooth wetsuits, and the website FetishEyes is a good place to go, both for the custom-made smoothskin silver wetsuits, as well as for pictures of said suits on female models. Well worth a visit, although their website can be frustratingly slow. I suspect it dislikes my browser in some way...

There also seems to be some crossover between wetsuit play and "watersports", for reasons that seem pretty apparent. But for me personally its more about the tight fit, the smooth shiny appearance of the wearer, and the way the elasticity of the suit enhances the physique of the wearer. I'd be interested in finding out what wetsuit gear turns you on, or what sort of play experiences you've had with wetsuits... Please share your fetish wetsuit experiences here.


Anonymous AdiRetro said...

Surf suits are relatively thin compared to diving suits, but still tend to be 2 or 3mm because they must also keep the rider warm when he's out of the water. Even in warm waters there is often a cold breeze when the waves are really big.

If you want to wear neoprene without boiling over, try looking for 1.0mm snorkle suits. They resemble "dive skins" or rash guards but are actually made of neoprene instead of lycra. There are even smooth-skin versions available. I have two 1.0mm suits: a smooth-skin "singlet" made by Oceanline (Germany) that looks identical to a wrestling singlet except that it has a zipper up the front of the chest and, well, is made of smooth-skin neoprene. The second one is a 1.0mm full-body suit made by "Mirage" (Australia). Since the Mirage suit is made for snorking or tropical SCUBA use, it has foot stirrups and thumb-loops and is textured in high-abrasion areas like the knees and spine. Very tight, very comfortable, but lacking that smooth exterior finish that's so much fun to touch.

There is some new tech that's making suits even thinner. I recently purchased some 0.5mm "Titanium" dive gear sold by Probe (Australia), which is made of a mix of neoprene and lycra and has a micro-thin thermal-reflective layer. It's warmer than you would think, but quite tolerable out of water for a long time if you didn't add any more layers.

5:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like my body glove suit I wear it as much as i can. i really injoy wearing it through the drive threws in town and see people's reations.

4:22 PM  

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