09 March 2006

Sports Gear #4 - Skimpy Speedos

Hmmm.. Having such a good time going through my sports-gear closet and digging up all these fond memories. My last entry on Speedos ran out of steam just by covering my favorite full-body swimsuits, and I left out some of the best parts - skimpy speedos!

These are a little outside my usual interest area; most of my real turn-ons come from full-body attire, as you can tell, but small speedos have two big advantages. First, they're dirt cheap. And second, they are (borderline) acceptable attire in public. Big win!

Of course I'm not talking about the bog standard $20 square-cut suits. Those are better than a pair of board shorts, sure, but the fun part is to push the envelope into more extreme speedo-type suits and see how much you can get away with in public. Maybe I have an exhibitionist streak I've been ignoring?

So first up is my favorite, and based on chats with other kinksters online, a pretty popular item world-wide; Japanese speedos! I get more questions on on-line sites asking "where can I get a speedo like that" than just about anything else. In Japan, the Speedo brand is actually manufactured by a company called Mizuno. Mizuno sells stuff here as well, baseball, volleyball, etc., but for whatever reason in Japan they also manufacture Speedo items you won't find for sale over here. Their best "racing" suits tend toward super-low cut and more interesting materials.

The gold standard for Japanese speedos is the "waterpolo" rubberized (pvc-coated lycra) Speedo. Sizes run very small on these, and they don't run any larger than size "O" (Japanese equivalent of "XL" but really more like "M" by pudgy American standards, right around 36" waist. Two things make this design unbearable hot - the rubberized surface of the suit, and the unique cut & stitching on the bum. If you look closely, you can see the backside features a seam down the crack, and in the seam is a small dart of semi-transparent fabric. Why? Who the hell knows. The butt also has nicely shaped colored inserts that add a bit of flair & style. You cannot tell me the person who designed this suit was not a fetish fan!

Another hot Japanese style is the Arena racing suits. They make use of a low-cut waistband and interesting paneling and stitching. They don't offer a mostly-rubberized suit like Speedo, but they do make a very hot suit line called "Nux" which has small brightly colored pvc inserts, including some very cool colors like silver, gold, and bright orange. The placement of the rubberized insert panels really give the suit a cool, space-age look and it enhances the, ahem, package. Keep in mind that none of the suits are exactly cut for maximum package; they are real racing suits and are super tight up front, but whatever room you can find in a Nux suit is well displayed, anyway. The fabrics are pretty similar to what speedo uses in their FastSkin suits, a bit of a textured, water-repellant surface. Nux suits come in briefs, jammers, and leg-skins, but they don't (yet?) make a full-body suit to compete with Speedo FastSkin. I like the Arena Nux suits, they are a close second place to the Japanese Waterpolo speedos.

So moving out of Japan, the one last skimpy suit worth noting takes a much different angle. Instead of being super-tight-fitting and revealing, its acutally cut to be quite loose and almost saggy. But still, somehow, it ends up being very hot and fetishy. These are the "Aussiebum" suits. I think I like them because they are (mostly) quite low-cut and they use more of a nylon fabric instead of the typical US lycra/nylon blends. There's something hot about a lycra blend with a geater percentage of nylon I guess. Underarmour sort of does a similar thing, I think.

I've bought a few Aussiebums but never quite like them as much as I hope I will. I think they look a lot better in pictures than they look in real life, if that makes any sense. I think they're worth checking out, and cheap, but definitely a distant third to the hot items from Japan.

Who knew the Japanese were the kinkiest when it comes to revealing swimwear for men?


Blogger Wetsuit/Leather Lover said...

Hey man,

Another great post. Keep it up.

I just bought a pair of Nautica underwear that is very similar to the Aussiebums. I, too, believe they look better in the picture than on me. Maybe it is me!

3:29 PM  
Anonymous AdiRetro said...

The main idea of the PVC coating on the Japanese waterpolo suits is to make them "slippery when wet". It's the same idea as wearing singlets for wrestling instead of shorts -- if your opponent can grab onto your clothing and pull you off balance then you're at a competetive disadvantage. Since physical contact doesn't occur in any other pool sport (other than underwater hockey) there's no need to put PVC on racing suits, diving suits, etc.

The thin strip down the ass-crack of the polo shorts is not PVC coated and is usually more of an open mesh. Since the PVC coating traps air and water, this seam allows the suit to breath, letting air out when you're under water and then letting it back in when you climb out of the pool so you don't get a vacuum-packed dick in public. It's also more stretchy than the PVC-coated portions, and is disproportionately responsible for accomodating variances in body size.

5:17 PM  
Blogger Ecosseboi said...

very very nice - must get some!

10:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aussibum have great model and photographs... but in reality they are not very well cut. Their underwear have not enough space for the package for example.

3:48 PM  
Blogger Robert said...

I have the rubberized black speedo for water polo, but haven't quite worked up the courage to wear it.

I too am a fan of the Japanese Arena suits and won't wear anything else.

The seam of the back is to allow water to flow through the suit instead of building up and creating drag.

2:02 PM  
Blogger simonlover said...

Yup. It's very difficult to get japanese speedos outside of japan. Japanese ppl like to be eccentric!What 2do...

3:07 AM  
Blogger KingMo said...

i have 1 of these japanese speedos too! its red rubberized with a white triangular panel in the back and a white mesh seam in the center. its great, very hot, but the suit has seen better days after a lot of swimming in a chlorinated pool. the speedo logo peeled off, the shineyness of the rubber has dulled, and some of the rubber is cracking around the drawstring waist. still, its a hot suit with pool cred! thing is, i bought it as a special order on ebay several years ago, and the seller is no longer in business. i paid about $60 for it. any ideas about where i can order a new one?

4:53 AM  
Anonymous Jaggedpill said...

Very kinky .. Latex Is so Sexy :) Great Post !!

7:28 PM  
Blogger robbie100018 said...

yes i will sell your speedo
or suit i can not findt it
please mail me

7:26 AM  
Blogger robbie100018 said...

i like to sel your suit

7:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

could anyone recommend good websites in english that sells japanese style speedos? i usually get mine from mategear.com

looking for more designs to buy as i bought almost all of their designs!

5:11 PM  

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